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Elevate Your Sales and Use Tax Compliance

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Multicultural business meeting with 5 individuals


Multicultural business meeting with two individuals, one black female and one white male, collaborating over a laptop

Nexus Study

The world of nexus doesn't need to be daunting. Armed with our nexus study, you'll make informed decisions on where to register, collect taxes, and stay compliant. Our comprehensive report provides clarity, empowering you to navigate the complexities of multi-jurisdictional tax obligations.

Analyze physical nexus

Analyze economic nexus

Sales tax registration

Filing requirements

Taxability Reserach
Businesswoman reviewing tax documents.

Taxability Research

We decode the intricacies of sales and use tax compliance by listening to your client’s business story, connecting it with sales and use tax laws, and preparing a clear, concise report for a seamless compliance plan. Partner with us to transform tax complexity into strategic simplicity.

Teleconference and memo

Tax code and tax law

Customized to the business 

Detailing the correct tax treatment

Audit Support
Multicultural business meeting with two individuals, one black man and one white woman, collaborating over a laptop

Audit Support

When that dreaded sales and use tax audit notice arrives, don't panic – it's all part of the business journey. As your resource, we're here to ease your worries, address concerns of the taxpayer (your client), and put you back in control. You decide how involved you want to be.  Our skilled consultants will step in, engaging directly with the taxing authority whenever you choose.

Liaison with taxing authority

Audit defense

Final report detailing results 

Compliance recommendations


Sales and Use Tax Diagnostic

A report card and comprehensive report are issued based on an interactive interview with the client.

Confirm system strengths

Identify system weaknesses

Present suggestions for improvement

Address any questions

Bundles & Subscriptions

Tax Bundles and Subscriptions

Some businesses need an economical suite of services. Several services are bundled to give clients comprehensive sales tax services based on their status.

“Hook My Client Up” Bundle

"My client is just starting out"

Subscription Service

"My client’s taxes are jacked"

Subscription Service

"My client is doing well & wants to stay that way”

Subscription Service

Certificate Review
Multicultural collaboration: Man and woman discussing over a laptop in a business meeting.

Certificate Review 

*Available on subscription basis only

Streamline your sales transactions with Certificate Review. We scrutinize certificates to make sure that tax-free sales can be defended if a tax authority audits your client. By proactively addressing compliance and educating your team, we help you navigate tax complexities with confidence.

Detail steps to correct

non-compliant certificates

Tips on how to substantiate non taxed sales

Review selected certificates 

Automation Support
Smiling man working on a laptop.

Automation Support

*Available on subscription basis only

Ever feel like software solutions are a puzzle? We're here to put the pieces together. Our role? Verifying the software optimally handles sales and use tax compliance. We meticulously trace transactions, ensuring correct tax rates and item categorizations for seamless operations.

Confirm taxability treatment of sales

Local tax rate review

Highlight areas on non-compliance

Use Tax Support
Friendly woman welcoming you to explore the sales tax sisters services.

Use Tax Support

*Available on subscription basis only

Use tax is the most overlooked area in sales and use tax compliance. Let us help you tackle use tax and taxable purchases with our use tax support service. We will help your clients identify areas where use tax may be an issue proactively i.e. before they are audited by the taxing authority.

Identify potential use tax issues

Estimate use tax exposure

Retain documents related to taxable purchases

Unlock the Power of
Tax Compliance

Get the knowledge and support needed to navigate the complexities of tax regulations effectively. Get started with a personalized consultation today.

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